Released version 3.61 of ToDo Task Manager

● Updated the design of notifications in the notification bar.
● Added an option to display a completion button on notifications.
● Optimized when home screen widgets gets updated.
● Subtask sort order in the task view now uses the sort order set in the app settings.

Released version 3.6 of ToDo Task Manager

● Added the option to hide sub tasks on the home screen widget.
● Added the option on the task list context menu to attach, move, and detach sub tasks from parents.
● Added the option to sort sub tasks.
● Minor bug fixes.

Released version 3.4 of ToDo Task Manager

● Updated the alarms.
● Added the option to only delete older completed tasks.
● Made it easier to update saved custom filters.
● Added the ability to change field names by long pressing on the field label within the task edit screen.

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