DashClock – ToDo Task Manager

iconDashClockAddOn Application: DashClock – ToDo Task Manager

Current Version: 1.11

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An overview of the ToDo Task Manager DashClock Add On

This application is an add-on that allows ToDo Task Manager tasks to be displayed on the DashClock lock screen widget.

REQUIREMENTS: This application requires that you have ToDo Task Manager installed as well as the DashClock application

Please send me feedback if you have any errors or suggestions.

Install my ToDo Task Manager -Pro application, this DashClock – ToDo Task Manager add-on, and the DashClock application. Once all three are installed select and add the DashClock widget to your home screen. This will open a DashClock settings pop-up listing the extensions selected for DashClock.

You can also access the DashClock Settings by installing the “DashClock Settings” shortcut to your desktop.

Once you are in the DashClock settings pop-up, press the “Add Another Extension” option at the bottom and select “ToDo Task Manager”. You should then see ToDo Task Manager listed as one of the extensions. You can change the task manager extension settings by pressing the icon on the right (three dots) and then selecting settings.

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