Frequently Asked Questions: ToDo Task Manager -Pro

 What is the difference between the Lite and Pro versions?

  • The Pro version can import and export tasks in CSV and XML formats.
  • The Pro version gets updated more frequently with the latest features.
  • The Pro version does not have any advertising.
  • The Pro version supports the Sync Add-on.

Where can I buy ToDo Task Manager -Pro?

ToDo Task Manager -Pro is available from Google’s Android Market and from the Amazon App Store.

Can tasks be added to the Google Calendar?

To add a task to your calendar long press on a task in the task list until a context menu pops up. Then select the option ‘Add to Google Calendar’.

Can ToDo Task Manager sync with Google?

A beta add-on is available from this web site that allows ToDo Task Manager -Pro to sync with the web site On the Toodledo website there are third party tools to sync will Google. This should allow you to sync my application with Google indirectly.

Can ToDo Task Manager sync with Outlook?

My application does not directly sync with Outlook. It provides the option to import and export tasks to Outlook using a CSV file.

A beta add-on is available from this web site that allows ToDo Task Manager -Pro to sync with the web site On the Toodledo website there are third party tools to sync will Outlook. This should allow you to sync my application with Outlook indirectly.

How does the import/export feature work?

It will allow you to move task to and from Outlook using a csv file. When you import tasks from an Outlook csv file it adds the tasks to my program instead of synchronizing them with matching tasks. This can cause duplicate task. Outlook does not use the same fields as my task manager program so some of the data is changed or lost when importing and exporting to Outlook.

I am trying to import an Outlook CSV file. I get an error reading csv file imported 0 tasks. What am I doing wrong?

In Outlook select Import and Export. Then select export to a file. Then select Comma Separated Values (Windows). Then select Tasks. Then enter the file name TaskList.csv with the file path for example C:\Users\Mike\Desktop\TaskList.csv. Then click Finished. Then click ok without changing the date range. This will give you the file to import into my program.

Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable and then mount your SD card. Copy the TaskList.csv file to the SD card. It does not go into a subdirectory so for example if your SD card is mounted to the I: drive copy the file to I:\TaskList.csv. Then unmount your SD card and disconnect the USB cable. Start ToDo Task Manager -Pro on your phone. Press the menu button. Select the More option. Select Import/Export Task List. Select Import Task List From Card. Select CSV for the format. Select Replace Duplicates for the matches field. Press the Import button. Your tasks should them be loaded into the program.

ToDo Task Manager is exporting to the phones internal storage instead of the SD card, how can I change the directory?

To change the default storage path press the phones menu button while you are on the ‘Save Task List to Card’ window, then select ‘Change Default Storage Path’. Then type in the new path and press save.

How can I make the to-do list larger so it is easier to read?

You can change the font type and size by going to the application settings and selecting ‘Task List View Settings’ at the bottom. Then select either ‘Task Name Font Size’, ‘Due Date Font Size’, or ‘Additional Text Font Size’ to change the font size.

How can I enter additional information in a new task without having to click on the task in the task list?

Click on the add task button without entering a task title in the text entry field to automatically open the task creation screen. You can also set default values for most of the fields.

It seems like I can only have one category. How do I create a new category?

To create a new category simple type in the new category in the category field on the task edit screen. The button next to the category field displays all of the existing categories in all of the other tasks.

Can you generate more than one task list?

My application was designed to only use one task list. Instead of creating multiple lists you can create different categories. You can then filter your list based on the category name. This should have the same effect as having multiple task lists.

At the top of the list screen, after entering a few tasks with 2 different categories, it says this is the 2nd of 3 views. How do I switch between views?

The numbers at the top of the screen represent the number of tasks. For example (2 of 3) indicates that the current view is displaying 2 tasks and the 3 represents the total number of task in the database. The reason that it is not displaying all three tasks is because one of the tasks is being filtered out. You can turn off the filter by pressing the menu button and then selecting “Sort/Filter”.

How do I create a custom filter?

To save custom filters press the phones menu button while you are on the ‘Sort and Filter Settings’ window. A menu will pop up. Select ‘Save Filter Settings As..’. Then type in the new filter name and press OK.

How can I search for a specific task in the to-do list?

The search feature is turned off by default. In the application settings select ‘Searching, Sorting, and Filtering’. Then check the ‘Quick Search On/Off’ setting. When quick search is turned on my application will filter the task list based on the text typed in the text field at the bottom of the task list screen. It searches for the text in the task title. If the Search unfiltered list option is turned on my application will search all tasks regardless of the filter settings.

How can I automatically dial a phone number entered in a task?

Type in a phone number in either the contact field or in the note field to display that phone number as a link when viewing it on either the ‘Task Detail View’ screen or the ‘Alarm Notification detail’ screen. Clicking on the link will automatically dial that number.


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