Released version 3.4 of ToDo Task Manager

● Updated the alarms.
● Added the option to only delete older completed tasks.
● Made it easier to update saved custom filters.
● Added the ability to change field names by long pressing on the field label within the task edit screen.

Released version 3.23 of ToDo Task Manager

● Added better support for task notifications in android 7.0 ( Nougat ).
● Added better support for the android permission model.
● Added a warning on the task alarm settings screen if the notifications are turned off in the device settings.
● Fixed a problem saving the time and date picker types preference.

Released version 3.212 of ToDo Task Manager

● Added an option to set alarms as alarm clock alarm to prevent alarms from being delayed while the device is in power saving mode. Enabling this option may cause an alarm icon to appear on the notification bar. Alarms may be delayed on devices in sleep mode when this option is not enabled.
● Updated the notification bar icon. Added the priority color to the icon on devices that support it.

Released version 3.21 of ToDo Task Manager

● Added the option to change the displayed language.
● Added the option to change the task list checkbox image.
● Added the option to combine time and date buttons together.
● Improved the user interface.
● Fixed some minor bugs.

Released version 3.2 of ToDo Task Manager -Lite

● Updated the user interface.
● Added Russian language translations.
● Added split screen support for some Samsung and LG devices.
● Added edit and snooze buttons to notifications on the notification bar.
● Added a directory drop down button to the change default directory screen.
● Added the option to display tags, context, and goal fields in the task list view.
● Updated the alarm notifications to work better with newer devices.
● Added a quiet time setting for alarms.
● Redesigned the popup alarm to only display one alarm at a time.
● Fixed the color of the calendar pop-up menu.
● Added creation date and modified date in exported XML files.
● Fixed a problem exporting the snooze time setting.
● Updated the German translations.
● Creating a task from the widget can now fill in the category field with the same category used for the filter.
● Fixed a problem selecting the silent alarm ringtone.

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