User Manual: Introduction

ToDo Task Manager -Pro is a task management tool that allows you to quickly and easily organize your tasks.

The task list view screen is the applications main screen. It allows you to see all of your tasks in one place. With the use of custom filters and the quick search feature you can easily view only the tasks that are important to you.

Pressing the menu button while on any window will display a menu with additional options. The menu can be displayed by pressing the phones menu button or the menu button on the right side of the screens title bar. These menus will give you the option to view the online manual, send feedback to the developer, open the about box, and any other options that are specific to the current window.

Any time you want to learn more about the features this application offers you can open this online user manual from the menu. The ‘Online User Manual’ menu option will display the web page of the manuals index and the ‘Online Help Information’ menu option will open the web page that describes the current window.

To add a new task press the ‘Add Task’ icon at the top of the main screen. This will open a new create task window where you can type a short description of the task in the task title field. Then add additional details such as the date the task is due, group the individual tasks by category, and give each task a priority. Some fields will be filled in automatically using the default values.

If you already have tasks entered in ToDo Task Manager -Lite you can migrate them over to the pro version using the import menu option. You can also import task from an Outlook CSV file. If you create a CSV file in Excel or any other program you will need to make sure the first line of the file contains the correct headers.

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