Released version 3.2 of ToDo Task Manager -Lite

● Updated the user interface.
● Added Russian language translations.
● Added split screen support for some Samsung and LG devices.
● Added edit and snooze buttons to notifications on the notification bar.
● Added a directory drop down button to the change default directory screen.
● Added the option to display tags, context, and goal fields in the task list view.
● Updated the alarm notifications to work better with newer devices.
● Added a quiet time setting for alarms.
● Redesigned the popup alarm to only display one alarm at a time.
● Fixed the color of the calendar pop-up menu.
● Added creation date and modified date in exported XML files.
● Fixed a problem exporting the snooze time setting.
● Updated the German translations.
● Creating a task from the widget can now fill in the category field with the same category used for the filter.
● Fixed a problem selecting the silent alarm ringtone.

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