Released version 2.62201 of ToDo Task Manager -Lite

  • Completely redesigned the application to take advantage of android 3+ features.
  • For Android 3+ user, added a scrolling task list to the widgets and widgets are now resizable.
  • The main application now has a split screen on tablets.
  • Menu buttons have been moved to the title bars.
  • Added new task fields such as goals, tags, and context.
  • Added more filter settings and simplified the filter settings screen.
  • Added a widget click action setting to select what opens when the widgets task list is clicked.
  • Added an option to open the calendar view without a filter.
  • Pro version features not included in the Lite version are:
    • No ability to import tasks from files.
    • No ability to export to csv files.
    • No ability to import application settings.
    • No ability to import custom filters.
    • No support for add-ons.
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