Released version 1.56 of ToDo Task Manager -Lite

  • Added option to display start date, contact, location, and alarm info. on task list view.
  • Added sort by start date, status, location, and contact.
  • Added total work and actual work fields.
  • Added the ability to set default values for category, priority, alarm, contact, and location by long pressing on the field in the task edit screen.
  • Added the preference option to display the day of week for the due date in task list view.
  • Modifying application to support additional languages. Please let me know if any words or phrases seem out of place.
  • Fixed a bug where entering the time and date from the keyboard didn’t always save correctly.
  • Added contact field to edit task screen.
  • Fixed the quick search to allow the ‘ character in the search string.
  • Pressing phone menu button displays additional options on dialog pop-up windows.
  • Added more option to maximum number of note lines preference.
  • Store the seconds as 00 for the due date to improve sorting.
  • Added Getting Started Tips for new users.
  • Added Getting Started Tips and Release Info to menu options.
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