Released version 1.42 of ToDo Task Manager -Pro

  • Updated the user interface.
  • Fixed a problem with hourly repeating tasks.
  • Added off button to due date filter selection screen.
  • Add ability to filter on multiple categories.
  • Updated sort and filter menu option to display quick selection list from saved sort and filter settings.
  • Added the ability to save sorting and filtering settings by long pressing on the sorting and filtering title.
  • Updated home screen widget.
  • Added 3×2 and 2×3 widgets.
  • Added settings, add, and refresh icons to home screen widget.
  • Updated widget configuration to allow for more customization.
  • Added preference option for maximum number of lines to display for notes in task list view.
  • Added more font sizes.
  • Displays task title on the context menu and delete confirmation prompt.
  • Clears task notification regardless of how task is opened.
  • Pop-up message when past due date is entered.
  • Displays a context menu when any dialog box title is long pressed.
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